hearts and anchors

A Brief History:

1984 Rainy afternoons in Salem, Oregon often lend themselves to warm indoor pastimes. It is on such occasions that Sarah L. M. Adler embarks upon many an adventure in the embellishment of written heart-felt messages. Well equipped with a complete 128-color set of crayons, plastic scissors, glue and scraps of whatever paper could be found, a 4-year-old Sarah merrily crafts away grey days, creating cards for her friends and family. Thus begins the love affair between a girl and her handy-craft.

1999 Sarah finds her fondness for design and printmaking while pursuing her BA at the University of California, Berkeley.

2007 Encouraged by a flurry of most talented individuals that she encounters while planning her wedding, Sarah rummages through her piles of dusty, faded paper and starts crafting again. She decides to combine her love of cardmaking with her affinity for design and printmaking.

2008 Hearts & Anchors is founded so that Sarah may share her cards and paper goods with you!

TODAY Sarah continues to hand-print each card herself using a variety of antique presses. She lives with her husband, Matthew, and their tabby cat, Cateline, in San Francisco, California.

green efforts
Sarah Adler at work

Abandoned victorian houses, found faded photographs, ghost towns, antique wallpaper, 1960s textiles, the artsy covers of old sheet music, vintage LP design, barns, ports, trains and stereoviews. Let us not forget lighthouses, taxidermied critters, tired lamps that glow softly, scrimshaw, tall ships, the sea and, of course, all other things nautical.

Hearts & Anchors makes every effort to be gentle on the environment. Cards are proudly printed on either 100% recovered cotton rag, found vintage paper/cardstock or 100% post-consumer recycled chip board. Envelopes contain recycled content that ranges from 30%-100% post-consumer waste or are often hand-made from found vintage paper. Sarah is very excited to finally have found biodegradable packaging for her cards, so she is steadily phasing out her current supply of traditional polypropylene bags in favor of planet-friendly polyactide bags (derived from the lactic acid of corn). As of Autumn 2008, Sarah prints out of a completely solar-powered studio space.

©2008 Hearts & Anchors and Sarah L. M. Adler. All Rights Reserved.

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