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This page is dedicated to the Lovers of All Things Nautical.

My little boat steadfastly sails across the Ocean that is The Internet in search of treasures, be they material or intellectual. Think of these as candy for the nautical fan. I promise to post my discoveries frequently, else I find myself between the devil and the deep blue sea.

little book of the sea sailor jerry cosmetic bag scrimshaw kit

The Little Book of the Sea
by Lorenz Schroter

A fascinating collection of seafaring facts, sailor lore, and maritime miscellany, The Little Book of the Sea enlightens us with random tidbits of information we never fathomed we would find so interesting. Why do pirates wear those awesome earrings? What's the most poisonous sea critter? The USS Consitution was saved by a poem? 224 pages of oceanic trivia await you.

Swallows Cosmetic Case
by Sailor Jerry

There is many a rumor as to the meaning behind the swallow tattoo. Some say that if a sailor has a pair of swallows inked upon his chest, swallows will soar down from the heavens to lift his soul from the depths of the dark briny should he ever drown.

Need I say more? Your make-up will be safely stowed in this fine canvas case.

Scrimshaw Kit

Oh to be afloat a sunset-bound ship, idling away hours by scrimshanding!

Hmm, on second thought, the bygone whaler's voyage was probably haunted by the phantom flukes of departed sperm whales, so perhaps it is for the best that I wasn't afloat one of those ships. Anywho, scrimshanding is a much better use of your time than tv.

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